Sides & Extras

YellowStarSide Orders

Regular & Family Sizes

RedStar French Fries
RedStar Fried Okra
RedStar Mashed Potatoes (includes gravy)
RedStar Cole Slaw
RedStar Macaroni & Cheese
RedStar Green Beans
RedStar Mini Poppers
RedStar Corn on Cob
RedStar Cheesesticks
RedStar Corn Nuggets
RedStar Fried Pickle Slices
RedStar Apple or Cherry Pie

YellowStarExpress Extras

 Chicken Pieces

(with a biscuit or roll)

RedStar 2 Pieces (your choice)

RedStar 3 Pieces (your choice)

Snack Packs

(with a biscuit or roll)

RedStar 2 Express Tenders®, 1 Regular Side, Gravy

RedStar 1 Piece Chicken (your choice), 1 Regular Side

Express Tenders®

(with gravy and a biscuit or roll)

RedStar 4 Pieces

RedStar 7 Pieces

RedStar 15 Pieces

Boneless Hot Wings

(with a biscuit or roll)

RedStar 8 Pieces

RedStar 24 Pieces

Livers & Gizzards

(with gravy and a biscuit or roll)

RedStar 6 Livers

RedStar 12 Livers

RedStar 9 Gizzards

RedStar 18 Gizzards

Kids Meal*

RedStar 1 Express Tender or 1 Leg

(with gravy or dipping sauce)

….Includes biscuit or roll, 1 kids’ side item and a 16-oz drink

*No Substitutions